Nikki was an inspiration. She helped me connect with the things that really mattered to me at a time when things seemed increasingly complex and unclear.  I came away from just a few sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and conviction, and managed to use this to work my way through a really challenging period at work. Thank you Nikki


Nikki provides an excellent sounding board for those seeking to create a clearer understanding of their personal and professional goals, and once she has helped one identify the priorities and objectives, helps develop the roadmap to get there.  Her support is simple, stripped down, and tailored to the individual.  She knows exactly the questions to ask to cut through the confusion and noise of busy lives, and focus on what is truly important.

My experience on working with Nikki was incredibly helpful in identifying my career priorities, including helping me integrate unpaid political and voluntary work into my life alongside a demanding professional schedule.  She helped me create a roadmap and schedule that allowed me to juggle professional and urgent personal priorities and work towards a more fulfilling relationship with my work and my health.

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I shall be eternally grateful for Nikki's help. I knew what I wanted to achieve (which involved completely changing my life and leaving the security of the corporate world in order to move out of London and set up my own business on the Kent coast), but I had no real plan of HOW I was going to actually do it. Nikki worked with me to think about everything that I needed to put in place, certainly covering elements I would have missed on my own.

Not only did Nikki help me to create an effective strategy, she helped me decide on a date and work to a timescale. Making such a bold move felt easier with Nikki’s support, it was great to have someone there to bounce ideas, raise questions and troubleshoot challenges. I have taken some elements of our sessions with me and often look at things differently, even now, over three years later.


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