As a life coach, I can help you explore and progress in any area of your life.


Your career,  living situation, relationships, health, creative endeavours and hobbies are all important contributors to your overall health and happiness. Choosing to take a step back and explore these areas (or others) with a coach is one of the most positive actions you can take towards living a conscious and authentic life. My goal is to hear you, understand you, and help you move forward, so that you can live your life more fully and feel energised by your choices. Whether you need to set goals, make decisions, overcome challenges or explore the existential questions of life, love, meaning, purpose, creativity, connection, or happiness itself​ - I will help you do that.

We will go on a conversational journey of discovery, designed to get you closer to living the life that you want. 

As a hypnotherapist, my intention is to help you make real and lasting change.


This change may be something tangible like giving up smoking or freeing yourself from insomnia, or it may be something less tangible, such as increasing confidence or improving self image. Sometimes, when an issue is particularly deep rooted, we may do some regression work to get in contact with the source of the issue so that you can be free of its influences, and the positive programming can take hold. Recordings of the personalised hypnotic programming are made for clients and shared after the session so that clients can listen daily for three weeks. This has been shown to vastly improve results. 

We will go on a therapeutic journey of discovery to identify the key problem areas, before engaging in deep hypnotic relaxation to process and reset your thoughts and feelings around those issues. 


By raising your awareness of yourself; your wants, your options and your blockers, we aim together to increase your happiness and your ability to live an authentic, successful and happy life.


Some clients prefer a more directive experience. The following packages have been designed to provide focussed support in particular areas, whilst still allowing freedom and flexibility as the sessions unfold. They can be thought of as part coaching, part one-to-one positive psychology training. 


Having clear goals increases happiness and success. This package will help you reflect on your current situation, identify your goals and plan actions towards them, making them clear and achievable.


Learn some of the basics of positive psychology and leverage those skills to help you move towards greater happiness, with this life coaching  package comprised of positive psychology exercises and personal exploration. 

Guided packages cost £195 for 4 sessions. 

They can be purchased from me directly (please email) or via: https://www.muswellhealth.uk/gift-vouchers-muswell-hill/


Coaching 'style' refers to the coach's approach or technique.
I trained integratively and draw on a number of coaching styles, especially:

  • Person-centred coaching

  • Solution-focused coaching

  • Creative coaching

  • Existential coaching

  • Narrative coaching


'Life coaching' is an umbrella term​ which refers to the application of coaching practice to various areas of life.

Depending what your needs are, you may think of it as:

  • Career coaching

  • Relationship coaching

  • Happiness coaching 

  • Creativity coaching 

  • Health coaching

These terms are not restrictive. We can focus on any area of your life, and will often find that there's a mixture.


Hypnotherapy sessions take the form of a discovery conversation where I seek to understand to issues at play, followed by a programming session (20 minutes or less) to deliver positive suggestions to the mind. If regression is required, this can go on for significantly longer, depending on what emerges, so we would plan for a longer session in that case.


If you are using hypnosis to support a wider life coaching goal or arrangement, hypnosis can usually be fitted in to your normal 50 minute sessions as we will know what we are working on before going in to the session. If you are coming to me purely for hypnosis, we must allow up to 1.5 hours for the session, to ensure time explore all the necessary issues. Sessions are charged accordingly.