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I think your happiness is important.


I think your happiness really matters.


Wanting to be happy is  not a frivolous luxury or an exercise in hedonism, and it isn’t selfish…it’s at the heart of what it is to be human. 


Research shows that happier individuals are also healthier, friendlier, more energetic, kinder, more creative and achieve more.

Businesses flourish when workforces are happy and engaged. Communities are transformed when their people are flourishing. 

The opposite is also true. Unhappiness, depression and a lack of positive emotional experience has a devastating effect on organisations, communities and individuals alike.   


We need to start taking happiness seriously.


I have been studying, researching and promoting the importance of happiness since 2012.


As a life coach, I work with individuals to explore their lives and ambitions. As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I work with communities and businesses to champion the importance of happiness and help them to integrate positive psychology in to their day-to-day practices.

In 2019 I undertook my training in hypnotherapy, adding deep relaxation, hypnotic suggestion and later regression to my positive psychology and coaching offer. Hypnosis is the quickest and most effective method I have encountered for affecting real and lasting change.  


See Coaching & Hypnotherapy, Workshops, Events and Articles & Media tabs for more detail. 

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